Self Promotion: Sarah Lewington

We were assigned a lecturer, in which we had to self promote via a business card and event. At first we challenged creative research by asking a question in inventive ways, to hopefully deliver the best possible responses, to Sarah this was via a dictaphone. Then after researching her further via twitter, pintrest and her blog, we discovered key themes and ideas she liked these included: scandinavian design, geometric shapes, the ice hotel and printamking. A few moodboards later we came up with our chosen business card (featuring blue geometric shapes, mirrored sections, to represent ice and reflect her information. Then a event idea was formed 'Sarah's Frozen Garden' an indoor winter wonderland, filled with faux fur throws, ice chairs and sculptures and candles, and a large table for printmaking activities! Your invites are below, don't forget your thermals!

All worked completed by Me, Harley, Hollie, Loren and Becki.

U. S Retailing Presentation

(All work completed by Me, Beth, Lucy, Natalie and Shannon)

Photo Brief Execution: A-morir Kerin Rose

A-morir Kerin Rose is a sunglass brand sold only in America, however famous throughout the world due to being a firm celebrity favourite with the likes of Rihanna and Lady Gaga spotted sporting wearing their extravagent designs. Given a photographic brief it was our job to execute it as closely as possible, the concept being for the brand to launch a collection in selfridges, with an advertising campaign based on mannequins in a window wearing the sunglasses. Here are our outcomes: a business card for our company Aperture, a manifesto, visual moodboard of ideas for the shoot, then some final images.

(All work created by Me, Alice, Brittany and Vicky)

Photographic Brief: Madewell

These are some images from a recent photographic brief i was set, in which i had to find an american brand, which had no stores or concessions within the UK, and in vision a photo shoot and campaign which would advertise their launch into the UK. The brand i choose was Madewell, it is the sister comapny to J.Crew and is renowned for high-quality, fashion forward classic pieces. It was important understand the companies values and how it is positioned within the US market. My campaign is shot in a cottage in the countryside, it is idyllic and serene. It features one model, in different rooms around the cottage, it would have a very laid back and relaxed feel to it. Above are some of my favourite pages from the brief.

Luxury Moodboards
These moodboards were created on the themes of Purity, Heritage, Wit and Sensuality. Taking images from fashion photography and editorial. Creating colour palettes from each theme. These were a good starting point to inspire an article on the theme of luxury.

Brand Presentation: Firetrap

For this group project we were given a brand: Firetrap. It was our job to decide on a way in which the brand could expand this could be a new product range, promotional idea or event, or opening more stores. We decided that firetrap should release a make-up range. It was up to us to create a powerpoint to showcase our ideas, and produce promotional materials to advertise and promote the range:

(A few of the best slides from the presentation)
The range was designed to have an edgy industrial feel to it, in both the packaging and colours used. It would play on the 7 deadly sins theme and the firetrap mascot 'deadly' which has become an important part of the brand DNA.

Promotional material created to advertise the new range, both instore and online.
(All work created by Me, Shannon, Alice, Omid and Yana)