Friday, November 16

Portobello Market

A few weeks ago, i headed to Portobello Market in West London. The market famed for its selection of antiques and one-off finds, certainly didn't disappoint. I winded down Portobello road, it was so much fun just engaging your curiosities and looking for, well i didn't really have anything i was looking for that was the beauty of it. It took me and my mum the better of 4 hours to see everything, though that did include lunch! All of the market traders are so friendly and are passionate about those items they sell. If you have a spare Saturday i definitely recommend a visit. Here are some photographs from my day out, and some of the treasures i found:

The Pastel coloured flats Notting Hill is famed for.

A collection of antique painted mugs.

I was obsessed with this, an old seaside ticket stand for puppet shows in America, used in Alice's as the service counter.

 Collection of antiques inside Alices - The best shop on the road in my opinion, overflowing with antiques and homewares.

Beautiful lunch, Feta cheese scone, and cous cous and chorizo salad!

My mums new shopping list, Can move the arrows to see what you need to buy! on Portobello Road.