Friday, November 16

Portobello Market

A few weeks ago, i headed to Portobello Market in West London. The market famed for its selection of antiques and one-off finds, certainly didn't disappoint. I winded down Portobello road, it was so much fun just engaging your curiosities and looking for, well i didn't really have anything i was looking for that was the beauty of it. It took me and my mum the better of 4 hours to see everything, though that did include lunch! All of the market traders are so friendly and are passionate about those items they sell. If you have a spare Saturday i definitely recommend a visit. Here are some photographs from my day out, and some of the treasures i found:

The Pastel coloured flats Notting Hill is famed for.

A collection of antique painted mugs.

I was obsessed with this, an old seaside ticket stand for puppet shows in America, used in Alice's as the service counter.

 Collection of antiques inside Alices - The best shop on the road in my opinion, overflowing with antiques and homewares.

Beautiful lunch, Feta cheese scone, and cous cous and chorizo salad!

My mums new shopping list, Can move the arrows to see what you need to buy! on Portobello Road.

Friday, May 11


1. Drawstring skirt - Topshop 2. Peplum waist skirt - Zara 3. High Waisted shorts with buttons - Zara 4. Chiffon studded collar shirt - Zara 5. Envelope bag - Zara 6. Blazer - H&M 7. Stripey tee - Zara 8. Linen studded slippers - Topshop 9. Headband - Topshop 10. Mini Holdall - Zara


Wednesday, May 9


I am currently creating a zine, for a university project. Mine is based on British daytrips with Issue #1 being the focused on the seaside. Celebrating the best of british beach holidays. The Zine titled 'Wish You Were Here' will be available to purchase at Nottingham Zine Fair at Spanky Van Dykes on Saturday 26th May, alongside lots of other awesome Zines, so if you live in/near Nottingham you should check it out, should be an awesome day!

The Zine will be focused on photograhy, showcasing the popular seaside views and cliches, and celebrating the special attachment we have to our favourite coastal destinations. We have generated a hashtag on our twitter @WYWHZine whereby our followers have tweeted us their favourite #SeasideStory.

We have then collaborated with some very exciting new illustrators who will be bringing these to life, in special edition postcards, which come free with the Zine! If you would like to get involved or find out more about the zine then follow us on twitter or watch our promotional video: Wish You Were Here. (Me and Vicky filmed this in the freezing cold in Skegness). Here is a sneak peak of the Zine:

Saturday, May 5


This is an advert for French fashion magazine Jalouse, meaning Jealous. It is a spoof of online lookbooks and the hipster culture and the way fashion films and advertisements are presented to us. It mocks the way things are made to go viral, ironically making this video go viral. The content is brilliant and witty, and is is shot beautifully.

This parody was created a few months ago by Matthew Frost, and the model Ashley Smith fits the mold perfectly. I love the voiceover it just hits the spot, the relaxed laid-back vibes as your talked through/making decisions about her just strolling through the city or shopping are amazing! I was showed this video in a fashion lecture this week and was really taken by it, anyway watch the film and tell me what you think.


Clockwise from the top:
Camel/Turquoise/Navy Stripe - ASOS
Sky Blue - Vans
Navy with Rollover - Obey
Purple with Rollover - Carhartt
Grey with burnt Orange bobble - ASOS
Grey and Aquas Fleece (reversible) - ASOS
Lime Green with Rollover - Supreme
Teal Green with Rollover - Supreme
Red Slouch - Volcom
Navy speckled Sluch - Volcom

Beanies are all over the fashion radar right now, especially when i recently went to Berlin to attend the tradeshows, Bread and Butter, Premium and my favourite Bright. Bright is a skate/surf tradeshow, with brand such as Vans, Quicksilver and volcom exhibiting. Which was truely amazing, in terms of VM and just the general aesthetic so inspiring. Anyway, the Beanie is key to the urban cosmopolitan look. Above are a few of my favourite styles available at the moment, i really want the grey and green asos one, with it being reversible and with a rollover it is like 4 hats in one. I was skeptical to this at first with a Beanie to me just being what my dad wears to work on a construction site all day. However with all of these beautiful beanies why can't we be warm and fashionable. Will/do you own a beanie?