Wednesday, May 9


I am currently creating a zine, for a university project. Mine is based on British daytrips with Issue #1 being the focused on the seaside. Celebrating the best of british beach holidays. The Zine titled 'Wish You Were Here' will be available to purchase at Nottingham Zine Fair at Spanky Van Dykes on Saturday 26th May, alongside lots of other awesome Zines, so if you live in/near Nottingham you should check it out, should be an awesome day!

The Zine will be focused on photograhy, showcasing the popular seaside views and cliches, and celebrating the special attachment we have to our favourite coastal destinations. We have generated a hashtag on our twitter @WYWHZine whereby our followers have tweeted us their favourite #SeasideStory.

We have then collaborated with some very exciting new illustrators who will be bringing these to life, in special edition postcards, which come free with the Zine! If you would like to get involved or find out more about the zine then follow us on twitter or watch our promotional video: Wish You Were Here. (Me and Vicky filmed this in the freezing cold in Skegness). Here is a sneak peak of the Zine:

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