Friday, April 27

Liberty x Dr. Martens

An exciting collaboration is about to hit the Regent street next week, on Tuesday May 1st Liberty x Dr. Martens will be lauched. The collection fuses the tough, dark edgy aesthetics of Dr. Martens with the subtle, feminine and twee prints the Liberty brand is known for. These two brands are both recognised as being contempary classics. The collection features Boots, Shoes and Satchels in the lovable flower print. Here is a few of my favourites:

Dr. Martens Collaborates With Liberty London For Floral Collection [Pics]
Dr. Martens Collaborates With Liberty London For Floral Collection [Pics]
Dr. Martens Collaborates With Liberty London For Floral Collection [Pics]
Dr. Martens Collaborates With Liberty London For Floral Collection [Pics]
Dr. Martens Collaborates With Liberty London For Floral Collection [Pics]
Images: psfk

In love with the satchel and the burgundy boots. Prices start from £105. Now i know there have been Liberty collaborations before with Nike, which continue to be a success however i just love the versalitity and edge this collection has. Who is going to be making a purchase?

Tuesday, April 24


Images: Lonely Hearts SS12 Lookbook

Above are 6 of my favourite outfits from the Lonely Hearts lookbook. I have just discovered this brand from New Zealand Described by themselves as clothes that capture that indefinable ground between who you want to be, and who you are. I couldn't think of a better statement to visualise the brand. The collection mixes loose tailoring, bold print and cutout shapes. It has a subtle colour palette, of crisp whites, dusty greys and lilacs. They are influenced by sportswear and the collection as you can see is very wearable and quietly feminine. The brand is stocked at Found in Bath UK. Excited to see the Autumn/Winter collection!

Sunday, April 22



May i present to you the flatpack backpack, as im sure you're well aware the rucksack trend is well and truly upon us. I am in love with this denim shirt come rucksack by 3.1 Phillip Lim what an amazingly versatile garment, i have seen garments like this before, which are multi-functional however they always looked exactly that, they would either be bulky, made of unappealing material and just generally not very chic. This denim shirt/bag combo is a different story. Oh if only i had £354 to spare...

Saturday, April 21

LFW: Street Style x Photographers

Back in February i went to London Fashion Weekend, and i ended up seeing two shows PPQ (loved the bikes) and Francesca Marotta, both which were incredible. However my main reason for being in London was to do some street style. So there i turned up at Somerset House amongst the crowd of fashion photographers, models, designers, celebrities, and street style snappers alike taking photographs of show attendees who they deemed to be doing something new and exciting. Which they would then report back to their editor/creative director/brand all to begin then re-iventing what is already popular for a select few, much is the cycle of fashion trends, recycle, reinvent, then re-do again.
Whilst taking photographs i was approached by Chris Brock who was taking photographs of Fashion Week street style photographers, so here is my snapshot:

Image: Chris Brock

His main interest was the cameras the photographers were using rather than the latest trends in fashion, i thought this made for quite an interesting concept as it documents the camera trends as oppose to fashion. At the event which is ultimately a celebration of new up-and-coming talent in British fashion but would never be as monumental and fast-paced as it is today without the help of our trusty canon 550D (insert own camera model here).

Thursday, April 19


I have recently completed an epic live project with British Fashion Council, who run London Fashion Week/end. The project was to generate more footfall and ultimately sales at London Fashion Weekend. The task was to rejuvinate and design an area of the events aesthetics and improve the general wayfinding of the event, making it easier for customers to navigate their way around ensuring they have the best possible experience. We then created a visual pack explaining our concept and visualising it.

There are four specific areas of the seasonal shopping event Weekend Boutique (Womenswear), Weekend Mens, Riverbox (Relaxation - manicures, jewellery, tea and treats) and Shoe Studio. The area we chose to focus on was Weekend Boutique as this is currently their largest offering we felt it gave us the greatest scope for improvement.

Our concept is to promote London Fashion Weekend as a live pop-up magazine experience as we feel it has all of the elements of the fashion bibles we live by. As it offers us beauty advise, fashion expertise, competitions, our favourite designers, fashion shows etc. This is brought together by our tagline: Bringing Fashion to life.

One of the elements of our advertising campaign was creating a video which would have the potential to go viral. The video is a stop-motion animation of a model jumping out of the fashion pages of the LFWEND magazine making her journey to Somerset house for London Fashion Weekend. So we present to you London Fashion Weekend, Weekend Boutique: BRINGING FASHION TO LIFE.

Created by myself, Loren, Hollie, Becki and Sarah.
The video was also intended to celebrate the ecclectic nature of British fashion through the years with contempary interpretations of past trends. The shoot took 14 hours in total, and over 2,000 stills and lots of hard work so hope you enjoy it, and if you do feel free to share it!

Saturday, April 14


Ever wondered were the collar craze began, well i think it has to be ELEVEN OBJECTS. The company was formed by Linh Thi Do and Christine Rhee who felt the collar needed to be emphasised and celebrated as a fashion accessory. And boy has that happened, they have since been spotted all over the catwalks and high-street. With studs and beads being the key embellishment.
Collars all by ELEVEN OBJECTS. Their debut fall 2011 collection.

Collars by ELEVEN OBJECTS, photos by Garage Dress.

I'll leave you with these, a few collars i love, which are slightly more in my price range:
Shirt Collar NecklaceSequin Splodge CollarLACE SHIRT COLLAR
From L-R: Gold Metal collar, £25 Topshop. White/Silver Sequin Collar, £16 Topshop. Pink/White Lace Collar, £17.99 Zara.

The perfect addition to every outfit, with so many possible variations, i hope the collar is definetly a must-have item, as it is suitable for interviews, work and play. I think i may just have to purchase the white one above!


Now, fake eyelashes are hardly a new phenomenom, they have been worn by women to make their eyes look larger and more seductive for years now. The sale of these literally exploded when a certain TV series (i imagine, that whether you love or hate it, you'll know the one im talking about) hit our screens. They come in all lengths, thicknesses and colours, and have become an everyday make-up kit essential. My problem with false eyelashes; aside from the fact i have shaky hands, (not the best for the precision needed to apply them!) is exactly that, they are an everyday/everynight wear, they have become that basic white tank top or pair of jeans that you may always rely on, but never excites you the way it used to. Enter PAPERSELF.

Paperself claims 'the beginning of a paper revolution'. The company was launched in 2009 in London it challenges the way paper should be used within product design, the company also creates, furniture and homeware alongside its eyelashes. The company has been featured at tradeshows across the world and at London Fashion Week and Weekend where free eyelashes were applied in the VIP areas.

All of the eyelashes Paperself create are inspired by Chinese paper-cutting and all of the animals/plants and figures featured have significant meanings within Chinese culture. I am amazed by how intricate and beautifully delicate these lashes are. They all come in two sizes depending on how theatrical of a look you could pull off. Thought i'd share a few of my favourites with you:

Photoshoot wearing Clown Eyelashes. Then From L-R: Small Under The Sea, Under The Sea, Deer and Butterfly, Clown, Peacock, Horses. All available at PAPERSELF.