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Now, fake eyelashes are hardly a new phenomenom, they have been worn by women to make their eyes look larger and more seductive for years now. The sale of these literally exploded when a certain TV series (i imagine, that whether you love or hate it, you'll know the one im talking about) hit our screens. They come in all lengths, thicknesses and colours, and have become an everyday make-up kit essential. My problem with false eyelashes; aside from the fact i have shaky hands, (not the best for the precision needed to apply them!) is exactly that, they are an everyday/everynight wear, they have become that basic white tank top or pair of jeans that you may always rely on, but never excites you the way it used to. Enter PAPERSELF.

Paperself claims 'the beginning of a paper revolution'. The company was launched in 2009 in London it challenges the way paper should be used within product design, the company also creates, furniture and homeware alongside its eyelashes. The company has been featured at tradeshows across the world and at London Fashion Week and Weekend where free eyelashes were applied in the VIP areas.

All of the eyelashes Paperself create are inspired by Chinese paper-cutting and all of the animals/plants and figures featured have significant meanings within Chinese culture. I am amazed by how intricate and beautifully delicate these lashes are. They all come in two sizes depending on how theatrical of a look you could pull off. Thought i'd share a few of my favourites with you:

Photoshoot wearing Clown Eyelashes. Then From L-R: Small Under The Sea, Under The Sea, Deer and Butterfly, Clown, Peacock, Horses. All available at PAPERSELF.

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