Saturday, April 21

LFW: Street Style x Photographers

Back in February i went to London Fashion Weekend, and i ended up seeing two shows PPQ (loved the bikes) and Francesca Marotta, both which were incredible. However my main reason for being in London was to do some street style. So there i turned up at Somerset House amongst the crowd of fashion photographers, models, designers, celebrities, and street style snappers alike taking photographs of show attendees who they deemed to be doing something new and exciting. Which they would then report back to their editor/creative director/brand all to begin then re-iventing what is already popular for a select few, much is the cycle of fashion trends, recycle, reinvent, then re-do again.
Whilst taking photographs i was approached by Chris Brock who was taking photographs of Fashion Week street style photographers, so here is my snapshot:

Image: Chris Brock

His main interest was the cameras the photographers were using rather than the latest trends in fashion, i thought this made for quite an interesting concept as it documents the camera trends as oppose to fashion. At the event which is ultimately a celebration of new up-and-coming talent in British fashion but would never be as monumental and fast-paced as it is today without the help of our trusty canon 550D (insert own camera model here).


  1. what a lovely picture. really cool post :) x

  2. What an exciting day you must of had! You are a really good writer and I love your blog. I am now following you:) Check out my blog sometime and let me know what you think x


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