Thursday, April 19


I have recently completed an epic live project with British Fashion Council, who run London Fashion Week/end. The project was to generate more footfall and ultimately sales at London Fashion Weekend. The task was to rejuvinate and design an area of the events aesthetics and improve the general wayfinding of the event, making it easier for customers to navigate their way around ensuring they have the best possible experience. We then created a visual pack explaining our concept and visualising it.

There are four specific areas of the seasonal shopping event Weekend Boutique (Womenswear), Weekend Mens, Riverbox (Relaxation - manicures, jewellery, tea and treats) and Shoe Studio. The area we chose to focus on was Weekend Boutique as this is currently their largest offering we felt it gave us the greatest scope for improvement.

Our concept is to promote London Fashion Weekend as a live pop-up magazine experience as we feel it has all of the elements of the fashion bibles we live by. As it offers us beauty advise, fashion expertise, competitions, our favourite designers, fashion shows etc. This is brought together by our tagline: Bringing Fashion to life.

One of the elements of our advertising campaign was creating a video which would have the potential to go viral. The video is a stop-motion animation of a model jumping out of the fashion pages of the LFWEND magazine making her journey to Somerset house for London Fashion Weekend. So we present to you London Fashion Weekend, Weekend Boutique: BRINGING FASHION TO LIFE.

Created by myself, Loren, Hollie, Becki and Sarah.
The video was also intended to celebrate the ecclectic nature of British fashion through the years with contempary interpretations of past trends. The shoot took 14 hours in total, and over 2,000 stills and lots of hard work so hope you enjoy it, and if you do feel free to share it!

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