Saturday, May 5


Clockwise from the top:
Camel/Turquoise/Navy Stripe - ASOS
Sky Blue - Vans
Navy with Rollover - Obey
Purple with Rollover - Carhartt
Grey with burnt Orange bobble - ASOS
Grey and Aquas Fleece (reversible) - ASOS
Lime Green with Rollover - Supreme
Teal Green with Rollover - Supreme
Red Slouch - Volcom
Navy speckled Sluch - Volcom

Beanies are all over the fashion radar right now, especially when i recently went to Berlin to attend the tradeshows, Bread and Butter, Premium and my favourite Bright. Bright is a skate/surf tradeshow, with brand such as Vans, Quicksilver and volcom exhibiting. Which was truely amazing, in terms of VM and just the general aesthetic so inspiring. Anyway, the Beanie is key to the urban cosmopolitan look. Above are a few of my favourite styles available at the moment, i really want the grey and green asos one, with it being reversible and with a rollover it is like 4 hats in one. I was skeptical to this at first with a Beanie to me just being what my dad wears to work on a construction site all day. However with all of these beautiful beanies why can't we be warm and fashionable. Will/do you own a beanie?

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