Tuesday, May 1


From Left to Right: Metallic Plastic Mac - Topshop
Nightshade Blue Zip Pocket Mac - Mulberry
Electric Blue with White Zip - ASOS
Pale Blue Crochet Plastic Mac - Topshop
Clear Mac with White piping - Topshop
Yellow PVC mac - Mulberry

Today is the 1st of May however, here in Britain, we know that April showers tend to happen all year round! (For those of you living in hotter climates, oh how i envy you!). Now however you can be prepared with the must have mac, move over trenches (a la Burberry), their is a new coat in our lives. This practical purchase would see you through summer and winter and is ideal for the festival season. The above are a selection of my favourites, i am loving the transparent Topshop one especially, allowing you to still show of those bright colours underneath, the white piping just giving it that extra edge. My favourite thing about this trend is the playfulness, it is all about fun and frivolity so let your inner child out in these PVC pullovers. Kagool Cool?


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love yours, I seen the transparent Anorak the other day in top shop I was considering it with all the rain we've been having lately!

    Following ya!


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  3. The more I see these, the more they grow on me. Very 1960s! I want the black one! <3

  4. "their is a new coat in our lives" - grammar check

  5. lovley blog! i have over 200 raincoats from 19.50 to 2012 and i love to walk in the rain in shiny ladies raincoats,mmm!!


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