Friday, October 28


Monki is both a swedish store concept and a fashion brand, with a difference. Or to put it into their own words "Our stores are walk-in closets filled with treasures! To step into one of them is to step into a part of the Monki World: the strange Forgotten Forest, the bio-hazardous City of Oil and Steel or the magical Sea of Scallops." these are three of their current store themes.

Sea of Scallops
This concept interior is a like a derelict playground, with a dark and gloomy atmosphere mixed with neon pops of colour, with sunken merry-go-rounds, tangled ropes, and glowing bubbles all displaying their latest accessories and apparel.

Confused? Monki basically creates a ficticious world for its consumers, so it can constantly tell new stories. The clothes have an independance and lend themselves to these alternatives and dream worlds that Monki creates.
With Sweden still high on my wishlist of countries to visit, i had to settle for browsing their beautiful womenswear and visuals via Monki's website, i advise you give it a browse too, with their own magazine, television and music, theres lots to discover about the brand which has taken the Nordic countries by storm.

Two photoshoots from Monki's recent collection:
Monki Presents 'Mad Secetary'

Monki Presents 'Sweet Rebels'

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